In an effort to simplify the admission process and provide the quickest path to beginning a college career, Southeastern has taken recent steps to ensure that prospective students can more easily become new students.

Southeastern recently announced a new admissions opportunity called “Fast Track,” in which the University expanded its test-flexible approach. High school students with a minimum 2.50 GPA will be automatically admitted for Fall 2022.

This innovative approach allows students certainty of admittance before taking standardized tests.

“We wanted to provide high school students an easier path to admission, especially for those who are already demonstrating success at the high school level. National statistics on college success rates show that success in high school is a strong predictor of success in college,” said Anthony Ranatza, director of admissions.

More information on Fast Track can be found at

Southeastern also announced that through May 1, any new student attending an official on-campus visit will have the admission application fee waived. As the University has scheduled many recruitment events for fall and spring, students attending a Lion Pride Preview or a campus tour can take advantage of this benefit, reducing their cost of applying to zero.

Lion Pride Preview offers prospective students and their guests an opportunity to explore academic options and learn about campus life, while also enjoying a complimentary lunch at Southeastern’s premier restaurant, the Mane Dish. Students can register for the next Lion Pride Preview by visiting

“Students who come to campus for a personal tour fall in love with Southeastern. By connecting a tour to a no-cost application, we again are innovating to ensure that students have the easiest path to begin their college career here,” added Ranatza. 

“We invite students and parents to visit Southeastern and enjoy a day on our beautiful campus,” he continued. “We are excited to be able to again offer these on-campus experiences for students and their families, especially with our signature recruitment event, Lion Pride Preview.”

“Southeastern has made the admission process easier by removing barriers. Combining free applications with visit opportunities and simplifying our admission criteria is a total commitment to our caring approach, which continues to set Southeastern apart.”

Future students are encouraged to apply before the priority deadline of January 15 to qualify for higher scholarship offerings. Learn more information and apply for admission at

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