Southeastern College of Education students have started one of only two chapters of Educators Rising Collegiate in Louisiana.

Ed Rising at Southeastern
 Left to Right: Mignonne Leachman, Braxton Michel, Dr. Paula Summers Calderon, and Macie Husband

The three students who embarked on starting the chapter are Mignonne Leachman, Braxton Michel, and Macie Husband. All freshmen, they represent different majors and departments within the college.

Both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in education or desiring to be an advocate for children, teachers, and schools are welcome to join the organization, which is already gaining interest and increasing in membership.

The new chapter has been accepted by the national organization (Phi Delta Kappa International), and is currently in the process of becoming recognized as a student organization on campus. Dean Paula Summers Calderon will serve as the group’s faculty/staff advisor.

According to Educators Rising Collegiate, “Throughout the year students will participate in a variety of activities designed to engage them in deeper discussions around hot-button topics in education, spur them to think about actions they can take at the local level, and prepare them for a classroom of their own.”


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