Jennifer Ledet, senior professional in human resources, independent consultant, and leadership coach, was the featured speaker at Southeastern’s annual College of Business Lecture.

Titled “Own It and AMP It! Amplify Your Influence to Accelerate Your Success,” the lecture was held Wednesday, March 4, in the Student Union Grand Ballroom. The presentation was supported by the Junghans family and was free and open to the public.

As an independent consultant and leadership coach, Ledet’s areas of expertise include leadership development, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and teambuilding.

Aside from working in human resources, Ledet uses her job as an independent consultant to work with executive-level leaders to help create leadership teams that work cohesively and effectively.

“Jennifer Ledet ‘facilileads’ leadership retreats for the C-suites of organizations in a wide variety of industries, as well as provides one-on-one leadership coaching,” said Dean of the College of Business Antoinette Phillips.

From designing a comprehensive leadership training facilitation program to using her certification of the behavioral assessment called “DiSC,” Ledet uses a variety of tactics to help participants improve their leadership skills. Most of the information taught through these tactics derive from her experience in leadership and human resource management.

“Using humor and fun, she is able to draw out audiences and participants and get them actively engaged,” said Phillips. “Participants report that they gained greater insight and learned more about themselves and their co-workers from one of her sessions than they did from other similar learning experiences.”

Ledet has also put her experience to pen, writing articles on leadership and management and monthly leadership columns, as well as creating her own e-newsletter and online blog.

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