Students across the country are adapting to changes due to COVID-19 and transitioning to remote classes for the remainder of the semester, and students at Southeastern Louisiana University are no exception.

Communication sciences and disorders graduate student Brooke Giaratano, of Ponchatoula, graduated from Southeastern in December 2019 with a bachelor of science degree in communication sciences and disorders. She is currently a graduate assistant for Southeastern’s Tutoring Center.

Brooke has experienced new modes of learning as well as ways to help other students through the challenges that COVID-19 has brought this semester.

She said that this experience has been a challenge in the sense of “keeping up with your assignments,” but she has overcome this challenge by “sticking to a healthy routine just as you would when having face-to-face classes.” Brooke is also using resources, such as Google Calendar, while adapting to online classes.

The professors in communication sciences and disorders have provided Brooke with support through Southeastern email, Moodle, Google Meet, and Google Classroom. Additionally, they have provided an opportunity to create student interaction online through discussion boards and have been in frequent contact with their students, continuing to be available during office hours to meet any educational needs.

Brooke expressed her gratitude for the support and being able to use Google Meet.

“This has been helpful in maintaining a form of community and normalcy,” she said. “Google Meet also gives us opportunities to ask questions during lectures, just as we would in a face-to-face format.”

She has not only used Google Meet for interaction and participation during classes, but she has also used it when meeting with classmates to complete group projects or to have study groups.

Brooke has taken an opportunity to use many resources Southeastern has provided to continue to support her education, as well as help bring educational experiences to others. As a graduate assistant for the Tutoring Center, she helps students attend tutoring sessions online through Google Meet.

She said Southeastern’s Tutoring Center is offering a valuable resource for undergraduate students who need tutoring through Google Meet for select courses. Students can find the calendar for drop-in tutoring sessions on Southeastern’s website.

“This is a great opportunity for students to stay connected with Southeastern, and it is available for all undergraduate students,” she said. “Students can access many resources for remote learning during this time.”

In the upcoming weeks, Brooke plans to continue to connect with her classmates, friends, and family through Google Meet. Additionally, she has enjoyed having this time to complete schoolwork outside and will continue to have a positive outlook on the situation, using this time to seek new educational opportunities through this experience.

“Overall, although this is not an ideal situation, I feel that I have adapted well to the changes that COVID-19 has brought,” Brooke said. “I plan to continue to work hard in my classes and make the best of this situation.”

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