Southeastern’s new Tinsley Learning Center is helping enhance student learning opportunities and success.

Tinsley Hall reopened this past year after undergoing a suite of renovations. A campus landmark for over 60 years, its array of physical updates were designed to better meet the needs of today’s campus community—and to provide even more opportunities for deeper learning and increased academic achievement through its new Tinsley Learning Center.

The building has emerged as a student center that includes an expansion of the Center for Student Excellence along with transformed tutoring spaces, a computer lab, and an SGA-funded lounge and meeting room.

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Greater energy efficiency was also a goal in the renovation of Tinsley Hall, with changes including replacement of the original single-paned glass with modern energy-saving windows.

Along with contributing to Southeastern’s efforts to become an even greener and more energy-efficient campus, one feature of the freshly remodeled building, which sits adjacent to historic Friendship Circle, is also making an impact.

The Southeastern Tutoring Center was reimagined and renamed upon its reopening in Tinsley Hall in August 2020. Measuring 3,076 square feet, the Tinsley Learning Center (TLC) is located on the second floor of the newly renovated building and creates a warm, welcoming space.

“The TLC overlooks the beautiful oak trees that line Friendship Circle,” said Marie Bernard, Tinsley Learning Center
coordinator. “The Center has an abundance of natural light that the students and staff love. Many of our students remain in the TLC to study because they love the beautiful space and friendly environment. Several departments have utilized the Tinsley Learning Center for meetings due to the spaciousness and adaptability of the room.”
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A College Reading and Learning Association certified lab, TLC offers a variety of educational resources where students are empowered to cultivate the skills needed for life-long learning. These resources include tutoring by appointment, drop-in tutoring, supplemental instruction, the Speech Critique Hub, peer assisted study sessions, French and Spanish conversation hour, Capstone presentation assistance, and a variety of study skills workshops. In addition to the TLC, Tinsley Hall offers a student lounge, computer lab and student accessibility services.

More than 40 student workers are employed at the TLC during the fall and spring semesters, and students are taking advantage of and benefitting from the resources it offers.

The enhancement of TLC to better meet the needs of today’s students and offer a more visually welcoming space is a physical extension of Southeastern’s core values. As even the initialism reflects, TLC is intent on providing caring, as well as innovative, programs to help students achieve all of their goals.

“Our impact on the academic success of our students cannot be overstated,” said Bernard. “One former client, for example, escorted two incoming freshmen to our office for introductions because our help was instrumental to his success as a student at Southeastern. He explained that when he was a student, he lived at the Tinsley Learning Center and wanted others to benefit from it as well.”

By Sheri Gibson and Tonya Lowentritt

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