Since 1925, Southeastern has continuously evolved as a strong academic institution while simultaneously staying committed to its two main pillars of excellence and caring. As we now look forward to celebrating our first 100 years, Southeastern is reimagining a unified brand that resonates with all audiences.

Globally and across the nation, higher education has become increasingly competitive, and students have more and more choices. Southeastern understands how important it is to communicate to its students, potential students, alumni, and supporters how unique our University is.

Because of this, Southeastern recently embarked on a concerted effort to discover the best ways to communicate our brand. Starting with market and identity research, our brand concept was turned into an action plan that is now being carried out across the University.

This is unfolding on all fronts, from our language to our logos, colors, type, photos, and videos. The following pages demonstrate these new elements in use.

One prominent aspect you will notice is our implementation of storytelling through student, alumni, and faculty profiles. These profiles do not tell what Southeastern offers and the monumental impact it can have—they show it. They help convey that it’s all about the path you take, the actions that make up your experience, and the destination you seek.

These profiles also help highlight what makes our University such a special place and how exceptional our students and alumni are, and they are just a sampling of the countless stories of determination, excellence, resilience, and persistence from across our University community. Using great storytelling, these stories can all join together to become the story of Southeastern.

Several of these profile stories, along with our other new brand elements, are featured below.

When put into action, this new rebrand concept elevates Southeastern as a strong academic institution with highly competitive degree programs, inspiring career experiences, and caring faculty and staff.

1) Brand-20






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