The Tinsley Learning Center (TLC) achieved Level III certification last week from the College Reading and Learning Association. Level III is the highest level of tutoring center certification available.

The new certification was years in the making under the leadership of TLC Assistant Director Marie Bernard.

“Level III certification ensures our tutors are adhering to the highest standards and most effective methods of learning support available,” Bernard said. “It allows the TLC to train the tutors and peer educators who support our students to the highest standards of skill.”

“Southeastern’s TLC has built a training system as part of the certification that ensures our tutors and peer educators are not only using the best practices and learning strategies available to support student learning, but they are learning transferable skills of their own,” said Interim Dean of the College of Honors and Excellence Claire Procopio. “I am very proud of this achievement. I know it represents a lot of hard work by our TLC leadership and tutors alike.”

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