Students are adapting to change in many ways, and for some that includes traveling back to their homes in another state. Bradley Miller is a freshman student at Southeastern from Paducah, Kentucky, majoring in computer science. Bradley lives on campus in Ascension Hall.

In efforts to keep COVID-19 from spreading, students have been encouraged to return to their home for the remainder of the semester. Bradley left campus and went back home to be with his family in Kentucky during this time. His move has made it more of a challenge, “not being able to interact and talk to my friends as much.”

However, Bradley’s professors have adapted to remote classes and have become a source of support. “My English teacher, for example, is really good at telling us what direction we should be heading and how we are doing on our assignments,” Bradly said.

Additionally, professors are using technology to explain concepts. Bradley said, “My math teachers are either posting videos of practice problems or [PowerPoint lecture] slides.”

Many professors are also using Google Meet, which gives students an opportunity to continue to have open discussions during classes and ask questions. Bradley’s computer science and history professors are both using this platform.

BradleyBradley has continued to work hard despite these challenges and plans to continue to maintain his schedule “to still perform well in my classes.” Although online classes may be a new experience for some students, Bradley has a positive outlook on them. He said he knows it may “require more self-discipline in order to accomplish my work and study, but I feel that I will adapt to that rather quickly. ”

Bradley is using this time to continue to work on his studies. In his spare time at home, he is keeping busy by practicing the organ and the piano.

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