Students at Southeastern are adjusting to remote classes in response to COVID-19 to protect the health and safety of students and the community.

Kalendra Khadka is an international student from Nepal majoring in both math and finance.

He has experienced some challenges due to the changes COVID-19 has brought to his routine at Southeastern. Kalendra said, “I love being on campus. I work there on campus, and the nature of my work has been changed now.”

For many Southeastern students, the University is a special community with faculty that work hard to help the students achieve many educational experiences, and learning goes beyond the classroom. They are adapting to not being on campus in coherence with restrictions brought from COVID-19.

Kalendra said that the campus closure of the library has been challenging. He said, “The library is a nice place to go study. I can’t check out any physical books anymore.”  Additionally, he is adapting to the changes in dining services. Despite the challenges that this may bring, he is working to adjust to the changes.

Kalendra 2The transition to online classes, while taking his upper-level math and finance courses, is another obstacle Kalendra has been overcoming. In response to the challenges, professors have provided instruction and guidance. He said, “It is very necessary to understand the concepts. The interaction with my professors matters a lot while in my math classes and in my finance classes.”

The professors have used Google Meet, presentations with audio recordings, and Zoom during this time to continue to provide a quality education. Additionally, his math and finance professors have provided extra resources online related to the material in specific classes. Some of his online classes are also recording the presentations, which can allow students to “watch the videos back and forth to try to grasp the ideas.”

Additionally, Kalendra is a student worker in the Mathematics Tutoring Lab on campus at Sims Memorial Library. He is now remotely helping students as they are transitioning to online learning.

The math lab is a place that any student who is enrolled in a math class can seek extra help. With the changes to remote learning, the math lab tutors have responded by providing videos online. Kalendra is spending time helping to create these videos to continue to help students enhance their education through the resources Southeastern provides to their students.

Although the COVID-19 virus has impacted this semester, Kalendra is enjoying the flexibility. He stated, “There are some books I have already checked out from the library on topics I am interested in, so I am also using this time to do other work that I feel is important to me.”

Kalendra is appreciative of the University taking action due to COVID-19, saying “I totally understand the severity of the situation. I appreciate the action that was taken.”

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